Marcus West

Jungian analyst and psychotherapist

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About me

I have been working in the field of mental health and psychological well-being for over 35 years. I worked for Social Services and the NHS for a number of years – in an acute psychiatric in-patient unit, in a day centre running groups, and in an NHS psychotherapy department. During this time I worked with people with all kinds of mental health difficulties. I also have a background in teaching and business.

I have published three books, Feeling, Being and the Sense of Self (2007), Understanding Dreams in Clinical Practice (2011), and Into the Darkest Places: Early Relational Trauma and Borderline States of Mind (2016), published by Karnac Books, now Routledge. I have published a number of papers and given talks around the country and abroad.

I was formerly UK Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Analytical Psychology.